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MORTIMER NAMES in Devon 16th cent. – Research Tools. DEVON SUBSIDY ROLLS 1524-5

The Mortimer names listed here were taken from the Devon Subsidy Rolls 1524-5 published by T.L. Stoate 1979.
I photocopied  the parishes containing Mortimer and deviations of the name and reproduced them here. Contact me if you are after other names in the Devon parish listed for 1524-5.
 Exeter for this period was  not included, but was indexed separately in a publication  by Margery Rowe  (Tudor Exeter Tax Assessments 1489-1595) –However this publication revealed no Mortimer\Mortymer names.
Nor were there any in M.Rowe’s Exeter indexes for the Military Survey 1522.
Author T.L Stoate  states where 1524 was unreadable the 1525 subsidy was used. The introduction to the later subsidy 1543-5  (see  next post) stated that the same family names  may not appear in both subsidies – however the wealthy land owners and yeomen should be present, while tenant farmers being more mobile may have moved elsewhere in the county.
Our earliest known ancestor John Mortimer came from Priorton near Devon.  400 yr old farm buildings still stand along with refurbished ones – see photo and map of  Priorton, Devon Farm buildings.
This 1524-5 listing and the later one, it’s said are quite comprehensive for Crediton and surrounding area.
People were taxed on G =Goods, or W=w ages earned. Some sources suggest a person’s wealth is underestimated.
Please send a message to me at diallen@melbpc(dot)org(dot)au replacing the bracketed word with a "real dot" if you'd like to share your Mortimer information.
 Another Devon connection is:
Sailor Sue <piano.cummings@gmail.com> her blog showing 17th cent Mortimers in Dunsford. 

Name Parish Hundred Amount
MORTYMER,  Richard Poughill West Budleigh G   3
MORTYMER, John Emlett Hamlet (in West Budleigh G 14
MORTYMER, Joan Stockleigh Englishe West Budleigh G   4
MORTYMER, Richard Bradnynch (Bradninch) Hayridge G   6
MORTYMER, John Bradnynch (Bradninch) Hayridge G   7
MORTYMER, John Newton St. Cyres Crediton G   3
MORTYMER, John Colbroke (Colebrooke) Crediton G   7
MORTYMER, William Crediton Crediton G   6
MORTYMER, Joan, widow Crediton Crediton G   5
MORTYMER, Roger Crediton Crediton W  1
MORTYMER, Nicholas Crediton Crediton G   4
MORTYMER, James Crediton Crediton G  20
MORTYMER, Richard Drewsteignton Wonford G    4
MORTYMER, Richard Tedburn St. Mary Wonford G  10
MORTYMER, John Tedburn St. Mary Wonford W   1
MORTYMER, Margaret Tedburn St. Mary Wonford G    2
MORTYMER, John Rewe Wonford G  18
MORTYMER, Thomas Ea. Portlemouth Coleridge G    1
MORTYMER, Thomas Stokenham Coleridge G   1 (W 1)
MORTYMER, Robert Stokenham Coleridge G   1
MORTYMER, Robert jun Stokenham Coleridge W  1
MORTYMER, Thomas Berry Pomeroy Haytor G  2
MORTYMER, James Teignmouth Exminster G  4
MORTYMER, Elizabeth Silverton Hayridge G  2
MORTYMER, William Nymet Tracey (Bowe) North Tawton G  4

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